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19 of the Best Resources to Learn French [Kids Edition!]


Want to help your child learn French but don’t know where or how to begin? We’re here to help with recommendations on the best resources to learn French! 

As an online language school for kids, we know that kids learn and retain foreign languages best when exposed to a wide range of resources. 

So, below, you’ll find recommendations on French language textbooks, storybooks, language apps, YouTube channels, cartoons, and language learning websites! 

We’ll also share information on how you can enroll your child in a free online French class for kids

Let’s begin! 

Best Textbooks for Kids Learning French

We wouldn’t recommend relying solely on textbooks to help your child learn French. However, they can be great resources for learning essential grammar, phrases, vocabulary, culture, and more. Here are three textbooks for you to consider! 

1. The Everything Kids’ Learning French Book

“The Everything Kids’ Learning French Book” by Dawn Michelle Baude and Veronique Moterle is an excellent resource for kids to learn French. 

Packed with simple exercises, fun facts, and pronunciation tips, this illustrated book covers various topics like family, holidays, and school. It also makes learning French easy and enjoyable with puzzles and activities.

This book is a great choice if you want a straightforward and interactive way to introduce French to your child.

Buy it here! 

2. French Picture Dictionary Coloring Book

The “French Picture Dictionary Coloring Book” by Lingo Mastery makes learning French a colorful adventure for kids. 

The book has over 50 vivid illustrations, each containing up to 20 items for coloring. Challenging quizzes throughout the book can also help kids boost their French skills. It’s a fun and simple way to help your child pick up French vocabulary. 

The book begins with an in-depth guide on French pronunciation, spelling, word order, vocabulary, and more to ensure a strong foundation.

Buy it here!

3.  The Complete French Workbook for Kids

“The French Workbook for Kids” by Jacy Corral is another great resource for turning French learning into a fun adventure for kids. 

Suitable for kids aged six and up, the workbook covers various topics, including seasons, clothing, family, and classroom descriptions. 

The book’s activities can also help your child grasp fundamental French concepts, from mastering the alphabet and numbers to exploring colors, shapes, and essential everyday phrases.

Buy it here!

Best French Children’s Books

Telling and understanding stories are essential language learning skills.Here are three French children’s books that French teachers at LingoCircle recommend.

4. Le géant de Zéralda

“Le géant de Zéralda” by Tomi Ungerer is an excellent way to introduce food and cooking vocabulary in French. The story follows Zeralda, who uses her culinary skills to satisfy an ogre’s appetite. 

Buy it here!

5. La moufle

“La moufle” by Florence Desnouveaux is the story of animals gradually growing larger, yet all want to fit into a mitten lying on the snow. With this book, you’ll help your child learn important lessons about politeness and honesty while practing French reading comprehension skills.

Buy it here!

6. Les dragons adorent les tacos

“Les dragons adorent les tacos” by Adam Rubin reveals the hilarious affinity dragons have for tacos. This entertaining story engages children’s imaginations and is another fantastic resource for introducing French vocabulary for food.

Buy it here!

Best French Learning Apps for Kids

Language learning apps provide kids a convenient and fun way to practice French anywhere, anytime. Here are three of our favorite French learning apps for kids.

7. Boukili

The Boukili app is a fantastic resource to support your child in developing French reading skills. The app offers free access to a vast collection of illustrated books, games, and quizzes. It’s a wonderful tool to help your child develop a love for reading and the French language!

Download on the Apple App Store

Download on the Google Play Store

8. LudiTab

LudiTab is a series of four apps that deliver a comprehensive French learning experience for young kids. These apps can be particularly beneficial for kids from French-speaking families. LudiTab reinforces concepts and vocabulary that might not taught in a standard French as a foreign language class, such as logical thinking.

LudiTab Tailles dans l’App Store 

LudiTab Numération dans l’App Store 

LudiTab Formes géométriques dans l’App Store 

LudiTab Repérage dans l’espace dans l’App Store

9. Bayam – Jeux Éducatifs Enfants

Bayam is another fantastic app designed to enhance your child’s French skills through interactive stories, games, cartoons, podcasts, documentaries, and more! The premium version also offers 2,000+ activities. The subscription can be shared across six accounts, making it ideal for families with multiple children learning French.

Download on the Apple App Store

Download on the Google Play Store

Best French YouTube Channels for Kids

YouTube is among the best free language learning resources for kids and adults alike. Here are three of our favorite French YouTube channels for kids

10. The French Minute

The French Minute is a great YouTube channel with concise and educational videos dedicated to the French language. Ideal for curious kids, the channel offers insights into French grammar, vocabulary, and culture.

View the YouTube channel! 

11. Learn French Through Music

Learn French Through Music is another great YouTube channel for kids that uses catchy tunes to teach French. It’s ideal for younger kids who are beginners in French.

View the YouTube channel! 

12. Monde des titounis

Monde des Titounis is another excellent channel for kids studying French. Its educational and entertaining videos span various topics, providing a fun way for your child to grasp French vocabulary.

View the YouTube channel! 

Best French Cartoons for Kids

Most kids love cartoons. If you encourage your child to watch one of these French cartoons for kids, you can make their time in front of the TV an educational activity! 

13. Caillou en Français

Caillou en Français, a familiar show for many kids, is a peek into the daily life of a little boy on a continuous learning journey. The French version of this cartoon is perfect for children who already have some proficiency in French.

Watch this cartoon online! 

14. Peppa Pig Français

Peppa Pig, the British show featuring a little girl pig and her family’s adventures, is not just in English – there’s a French version, too! The show is ideal for younger kids interested in stories about family and friendship. French proficiency will help your child understand the show entirely, but even beginners can pick up some new words. 

Watch this cartoon online! 

15. Petit Ours Brun

Petit Ours Brun, an animated French cartoon showcasing the adventures of a little brown bear and his friends, is a fantastic resource for practicing French. It offers entertaining storytelling while exposing kids to many French words related to animals, friendship, and adventure.

Watch this cartoon online! 

Best French Language Learning Websites for Kids

Language learning websites can make learning French enjoyable and effective for young learners with interactive games and lessons. Here are three websites with great French games and activities for kids

16. Quia French

The Quia French website has a variety of French grammar and vocabulary games created by French teachers. Whether your child is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced French learner, these games offer a fun way to enhance their skills. 

View the website! 

17. Hello-World

Hello-World has a range of interactive activities to engage young French learners. Your child can enjoy games that help them practice and learn French vocabulary for colors, animals, numbers, the alphabet, and more.

View the website! 

18. Digital Dialects

Digital Dialects’ French section offers games to help children learn basic French. Beginners can use this resource to learn vocabulary for things like numbers and colors. Intermediate and advanced learners can use the website to practice advanced topics, such as French verb conjugation rules.

View the website! 

Best Online French Class for Kids

Want to really help your child become bilingual in French? Enrolling them in language classes with certified, native-speaking teachers is the best route! 

For convenience and effective language learning, we recommend online language classes with LingoCircle!

19. LingoCircle

Our online group classes offer a chance for your child to dive deep into French with fun interactive lessons designed by certified, native-speaking teachers. We also provide a range of French classes tailored to your child’s age and proficiency level. 

(This video provides an example of online language classes with LingoCircle! Bilingual Bebe is the former name of our brand.)

We offer full immersion or dual language options for multilingual families, classes aligned with traditional French preschool and elementary education curricula, and French as a Foreign Language courses for English-speaking families with children aged eight and above.

Want to see which option is the best for your child? Sign up for LingoCircle’s free trial class!