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Introducing Bilingual Bebe’s new online after-school programs: Classes de CP et CE1

Introducing Bilingual Bebe’s new online after-school programs: Classes de CP et CE1

Le CP et le CE1 chez Bilingual Bebe:

Le CP – Kindergarten in the US – is a very important stage for a child. It is a direct path to autonomy.
Your child will learn to read, write and count on their own!

At Bilingual Bebe we are now opening CP and CE1 programs (in addition to our preschool programs) for your child to learn to read, write and count in French

French After-School Curriculum:

Here is a snapshot of our CP curriculum:

The goal for the year will be to learn to read but also “understand what I read”.
We encourage daily reading (letters, syllables, words, sentences and then text). Same as an athlete training for a competition, it’s all about training and repetition! Students will discover and learn one sound per week.

We use the syllabic method (méthode syllabique). The strong academic component ensures that children will learn one sound per week throughout stories and text that make sense to them and are easy to understand. 

They’ll learn new vocabulary at every session throughout weekly themes. During each session we encourage a lot of interactions around story time and activities in connection with the themes.

As far as Math is concerned, many skills are expected at the end of CP: counting to 100, comparing, sorting, problem solving, measuring (meters, centimeters), weighing (kilogrammes, grammes), calculating etc. We follow the French National Education programs (les programmes français de l’éducation nationale).

It is important to note that children will each have their own rhythm. What matters is regularity in learning and most importantly learning in a playful and engaging environment.  


Keep the fun and learning going all summer with Bilingual Bebe’s summer in French programs.

Introducing Bilingual Bebe’s Summer in French programs
Weekly topics & vocabulary enrichment in our French Summer camp

Weekly topics & vocabulary enrichment in our French Summer camp:

Here is what we have in store for you this summer:

  • Weekly topics that spark curiosity, exploration and fun all while learning French and the French culture!
  • Students will discover and investigate a new topic every week. The strong academic component ensures that children will complete a week of summer camp and feel like they’ve learned something about the focus topic and French culture. They’ll improve their communication and language skills in French. They’ll continue learning their academic curriculum (letters, math, critical thinking etc).
  • Small groups of 4 to 5 students max. grouped by age and proficiency in French.
tour de france

Here is a sneak peak at our July program:

First week of July: Vélo et Tour de France

Second week of July: Vacances en France

Third week of July: Mer-plage

Fourth week of July: Mer-plage (suite)

Fifth week of July: Les Pirates

Same structure:

Choose the frequency of the sessions and the time that suits your schedule.

Enroll for the monthly subscription and cancel at any time at the end of the month*.

Receive daily developmental activities in French to do at home with your child at your own pace.

Help your child socialize and learn IN French this summer!

Already busy this summer – Save your spot and Pre-register for our September academic year now!

Help your child socialize and learn IN French this summer!

* To cancel your subscription at any time, you must cancel at least 72 hours prior to your next scheduled renewal date to avoid a charge.


La Chandeleur

Last week we celebrated La Chandeleur – a French tradition dear to us French people. La Chandeleur was initially celebrated as a Christian holiday known as Candlemas in English. Before becoming a Christian holiday, La Chandeleur was also a time when several pagan traditions would celebrate the approach of spring and the earth’s bounty.

Today, most of the French use La Chandeleur as an excuse to enjoy some crêpes!

Cultural Workshops for our students

We wanted to make an extra special for our students!

Our bilingual school director has decided to have a culinary event in French for our 3-12 year old students. We organized a cooking session with a French chef crêpier. Our Chef Adil owns a creperie in Connecticut: “rêpes Choupettes. He walked us through the best techniques to make a perfect crêpes batter.

There was a lot of batter eating from our little bilingual kiddos, and a lot of excitement flipping the crêpes but most of all eating them!
Parents were as excited as children. We learned about the fanciest crêpes one can do: crêpes aux coquilles saint Jacques / scallops. Our session was all about sweet crêpes though because we know our little ones have a sweet tooth. The super star in terms of topping for our little ones was sugar and lemon.

What is your favorite topping? Let us know if you want us to organize a « birthday cooking event for your child”

Stay tuned for more enrichment and multicultural classes to come!


A l’occasion de la Bilingual Fair 2020 Londres -online edition- découvrez l’offre d’écoles maternelles francophones à Londres. Le 30 Décembre 2020, à 5:00 pm (London TIme) / 6:00 pm (Paris TIme). Avec: – BILINGUAL BÉBÉ – L’ECOLE DES PETITS & L’ECOLE DE BATTERSEA – EIFA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL – ÉCOLE FRANCAISE DE LONDRES JACQUES PREVERT – LYCÉE FRANÇAIS CHARLES DE GAULLE DE LONDRES – LYCEE INTERNATIONAL DE LONDRES WINSTON CHURCHILL