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12 Fun and Catchy Spanish Songs for Kids


Looking for an easy way to help your child practice Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation? Songs in Spanish could be the trick!

Of course, just tuning into a Spanish-language radio station isn’t always the best option. You need Spanish songs for kids that reinforce relevant words and grammatical structures. You also need fun and catchy songs so your child doesn’t lose interest.

We’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, we’re sharing 12 fun songs in Spanish for kids. Our list includes traditional Spanish songs for kids as well as a few popular Disney songs in Spanish that we’re sure your child will love.

But before we share that list, let’s briefly discuss why music is such a powerful tool for language learning!

How can music help kids learn Spanish?

When learning Spanish, music can be an invaluable tool for kids, whether they’re beginners or bilingual learners. Here are some ways music can help kids learn Spanish.

Vocabulary expansion. Spanish songs for kids can introduce a wide range of vocabulary, from everyday words to cultural terms. You can also find songs that specifically focus on teaching Spanish vocabulary, such as colors or the days of the week.

Listening skills. Listening to songs in Spanish helps build kids’ auditory comprehension skills. These skills come in handy when communicating with native speakers during real-life conversations.

Pronunciation practice. Singing along to Spanish songs helps kids practice pronunciation and accent. Over time, singing songs in Spanish can also help build their confidence in speaking and reduce the fear of making mistakes.

Rhythm and repetition. Rhythmic patterns in songs help kids internalize the structure and flow of the Spanish language. Repetition in music also reinforces vocabulary and phrases, making them easier to remember.

Enhanced memory. Melodies and lyrics can create a multisensory experience that aids memory retention. Children may be able to recall words and phrases more easily through song.

Emotional connection. Music is powerful for eliciting emotions. Kids who connect with the lyrics from songs in Spanish may add depth and meaning to their learning experience.

Cultural awareness. Many Spanish songs reflect the culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking cultures, providing a glimpse into the broader context of the language. As a result, kids can use music to develop an appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism in Spain and Latin America.

12 of the best Spanish songs for kids

Let’s now look and listen to 12 wonderful kids Spanish songs!

1. De colores

“De colores” is a classic song in Spanish that many native Spanish speakers remember fondly from childhood. The bilingual version of the song (in the YouTube video below) can help your child learn how to say colors in Spanish.

2. Las mañanitas 

“Las mañanitas” is another classic song in Spanish from Mexico. It’s a song that’s used to help celebrate birthdays. So, if your child’s birthday is coming up, add this song to your party playlist!

3. El baile de la fruta

“El baile de la fruta” is a popular song from Pica-Pica, a Spanish music group for kids. Your child will learn some vocabulary for fruits in a fun way that will have them repeating the catchy lyrics.

4. Los pollitos dicen pio pio

“Los pollitos dicen pio pio” is another song that young children tend to love! With lots of repetition and a catchy tune, this song about hungry chickens is great for practicing Spanish phrases like “tener hambre” and “tener frío.”

5. Yo tengo una casita

“Yo tengo una casita” is a fun song that can help your child learn some home vocabulary and how to use the Spanish word “así” without any problem.

6. Yo quisiera ya ser el rey

This song from the Disney classic The Lion King is one your child (and perhaps you) will love! It’s also a great opportunity to introduce your child to watching movies in Spanish.

7. La Llorona

Here’s another song from another popular Disney movie that kids love! “La Llorona” from the Coco movie is also great to introduce to kids around Halloween and the Day of the Dead.

8. ¡Suéltalo!

Kids all over the world loved the English version of this song (“Let it Go”) from the movie Frozen, so there’s a good chance your child will love this Spanish song!

9. Somos como las flores

“Somos como las flores” is a beautiful children’s song in Spanish that teaches children that we must take care of ourselves as if we are flowers. It’s also really catchy!

10. Una rata vieja

“Una rata vieja” is another classic Mexican nursery rhyme for kids. It’s a fun little song about an old rat that doesn’t know how to use an iron.

11. Un elefante se balanceaba

“Un elefante se balanceaba” is a song that could go on forever! It’s about elephants balancing on a spiderweb and is great for teaching kids how to count in Spanish.

12. Tigres, tigres, leones, leones

“Tigres, tigres, leones, leones” is a song about the competition between tigers and lions to be the champions of the wild. It’s an enjoyable song that you might find yourself singing along with your child!

Where to find more Spanish songs for kids

Want to find even more Spanish songs for kids? Here are a few playlists on Spotify and Apple Music with more great Spanish songs for children.


Apple Music

Other ways to help your child learn Spanish

Want to raise a bilingual child who can speak English and Spanish fluently? Well, you can’t rely exclusively on Spanish songs! You’ll need to supplement with other resources. 

Here are some other ways to help your child learn Spanish:

  • Invest in Spanish language learning resources specifically designed for children. This can include books in Spanish, flashcards, educational games, and interactive Spanish apps tailored to language acquisition.
  • Encourage your child to practice communicating with Spanish-speaking friends, family, and members of your community.
  • Enroll your child in Spanish-language classes that emphasize giving your child opportunities to speak throughout the class.
  • Take a trip to a Spanish-speaking country where your child can experience and practice Spanish in real-world settings.

Want more ideas? Check out our blog post on how to learn Spanish as a family!

Get a free online Spanish class for kids

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